The so-called Thorny Devil is totally harmless and peaceful.

Thorny Devil

Thorny Devil (Moloch horridus) is an Australian lizard. It is also known as the Thorny Dragon, Mountain Devil, Thorny Lizard, or the Moloch and is the sole species of genus Moloch.

It inhabits arid scrub and desert over most of central Australia. In particular, it inhabits spinifex (triodia) sandplain and sandridge desert within the interior and mallee belt. Its distribution largely coincides more with the distribution of sandy and sandy loam soils than with a particular climate in western Australia.

A clutch of three to ten eggs is laid in September-December (spring-summer) in a nesting burrow about 30 cm underground, and hatches after an incubation of three to four months.

Source: - 31.03.2010

Thorny Devil

That is what we human beings unfortunately often do:

We call a harmless animal dangerous or evil -

but what is really evil becomes embellished and glorified by us.

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