The Mountain Chameleon harmonically adapts to its environment

Mlanje Mountain Chameleon

The Mlanje Mountain Chameleon (Nadzikambia mlanjensis) is presently the only species in the recently established genus Nadzikambia (derived from the species' name in Chichewa). It is a plesiomorphic, small chamaeleon from the Ruo Gorge forest on Mount Mulanje in Malawi.

Initially placed into Chamaeleo, it was for some time moved to the South African dwarf chameleons (Bradypodion) by some (Klaver & Böhme, 1986). This was criticized because plesiomorphies cannot be used to define clades, and eventually turned out to be in error.

Source: - 31.03.2010

Mlanje Mountain Chameleon

The Chameleon is a symbol for a creature which adapts to its environment.

Therefore it is contrary to us human beings, because we often try to adapt creation to us instead of living in harmony with it.

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