Hands play with sand

hands - hand (Manus)

At the arms of a human being are the hands as gripping tools. Without them many things would not be possible in our life, for example visual arts and mechanics. The thumbs are rotated 130° compared to the other fingers. That is the only reason why the tweezers grasp between thumb and another finger is possible. The hands are served by three nerves. Blood is delivered over a double loop. Human hands have 27 bones and some are freely movable. This concerns the five fingers with altogether 14 finger bones. Astonishingly most of the 33 muscles of the hands are located in the forearm, because only the sinews extend into the hands. If our thenars would not be protected by robust aponeurosises, we would be unable to grasp in such a powerful manner. Different receptors fill the dermis and especially the fingertips, through which a high haptic (sense of touch) sensitivity (active palpation) occurs. Pressure-, motion- and vibration-stimuli will be received by 17.000 tiny sensors in the palms of the hands.

Man and Creation

The topic "Man and Creation" is very complex; but also here we want to look step by step at individual aspects.

Clearly Seen?

Who of us once did not think or say: "My hands are not beautiful, the fingers to short" or "my nose does absolutely not please me" or has regretted similar "defects" of his body?

If we will think for a moment - unfortunately I myself again and again forgot to do it in this regard - then we become aware: Our hands are really made brilliantly and each day they perform immensely important services for us. Exactly in the same manner our nose as an organ for breathing and smelling is made fascinatingly. In comparison a narrow difference in the length of my fingers or the breadth of my nose are completely unimportant.

I hope, in this case I will be successful to rethink and become grateful and glad about that which is great and important and handle the insignificant bagatelles as what they are.

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