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At first view it seems to be absurd to dedicate a web site to creation. Would it not be better to experience nature directly, instead of sitting at the computer or using the smarthphone looking at pictures and texts about creation?

Of course, a web site can never be a sufficient substitute for experiencing creation, but it can enhance it. And then we do not always have the time or possibility to view animals and plants in their natural environment.

Thus inter alia wants

  • to call our attention to things, we are prone to overlook
  • to rekindle wonder at the beauty and the ingenious in creation
  • to call forth, in the middle of our being busy in a world reshaped by humans, a recollection and desire for the natural environment

We wish you joy and positive impulses while viewing the pictures and texts. If you want to share your joy with others, please, consider sending an individually designed e-card. consists of several hundred pages with extra large nature photos and continues to grow. Therefore, it is worth looking in from time to time. The newest pages you can find in each branch at the top.

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