Magnificent Tree Frog

Magnificent Tree Frog

The Magnificent Tree Frog (Litoria splendida) is a tree frog species that was first described in 1977. It has a limited range, only occurring on the north-western coast of Australia in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

The Magnificent Tree Frog is a relatively large tree frog, with the males reaching a length of 10.4 centimetres and the females 10.6 centimetres. They have an olive to bright green dorsal surface with a white ventral surface. The undersides of the feet and legs are bright yellow. Most specimens will have white or sulphur-coloured dots on their back, of varying densities. The tympanum is large, almost the size of the eye, and partially obscured by the parotoid gland.

The Magnificent Tree Frog is native to the Kimberley region of Western Australia, and as such, will enter caves and rock crevices during the day. Much like the other large tree frogs in Australia, White's Tree Frog and the Giant Tree Frog, it will inhabit areas near humans, and can be found around buildings and in toilets, showers and water tanks.

Breeding probably takes place during the wet season. The male's call is very similar to that of White's Tree Frog, a deep "crawk-crawk-crawk" repeated many times.

Source: - 20.11.2008

Magnificent Tree Frog

For this exemplar the name "Thoughtful  Tree Frog“ would fit rather than "Magnificent Tree Frog“.

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