Australian Green Tree Frog at rest

Australian Green Tree Frog

The Australian Green Tree Frog is a species of tree frog native to Australia and New Guinea, with introduced populations in New Zealand and the United States. The species belongs to the genus Litoria.

The Green Tree Frog can grow up to 10 centimeters in length. Its color depends on the temperature and color of the environment, ranging from brown to green; the ventral surface is white. The frog has large discs at the end of its toes, of about five millimeters in diameter at maturity. These help the frogs grip while climbing and allow them to climb vertically on glass. The eyes are golden and have horizontal irises, typical of the Litoria genus. The fingers are about one-third webbed, and the toes nearly three-quarters webbed. The tympanum (a skin membrane similar to an eardrum) is visible.

The Green Tree Frog is native to northern and eastern regions of Australia and to southern New Guinea. Distribution is limited mostly to areas with a warm, wet tropical climate.

Green Tree Frogs are very docile. They are nocturnal and come out in early evenings to call (in spring and summer) and hunt for food. During the day they find cool, dark, and moist areas to sleep such as tree holes or rock crevices. In the winter, Green Tree Frogs do not call and are not usually seen.

Source: – 20.11.2008

Australian Green Tree Frog

Often frogs in their attitude and their facial features have a remarkable expression of satisfaction.

With a frog wie are maybe unable to estimate whether it is really pleased, but we are able to estimate many other animals good enough, to know, that animals are really often more satisfied as we modern human beings.

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