Mhorr Gazelle (Gazella dama mhorr)

Mhorr Gazelle

The Mhorr Gazelle subspecies, Nanger dama mhorr, is extinct in the wild but present in breeding programs in Europe and America, and several reintroduction efforts have introduced animals into former and similar habitat areas.

The Dama Gazelle is a species of gazelle. It lives in Africa in the Sahara desert and migrates south in search of food during the dry season. Their habitat includes open steppes, bushy, grassy steppes, semi-desert, and deserts, while their diet includes grasses, leaves, shoots, fruit, and especially Acacia leaves. After the rains return and the desert plants turn green, the gazelles move north back to the Sahara.

Damas are considered the largest type of gazelle, with incredibly long legs, which provide extra surface area on their body to dissipate heat, one of the many ways they stay cool in their hot desert environment. They also tend to need more water than some of their desert relatives, but they can withstand fairly long periods of drought. Unlike many other desert mammals, Dama are a diurnal species, which means they are active during the day.

Source: - 06.05.2010

Mhorr Gazelle

Already as a young animal the Mhorr Gazelle has screamingly gentle, long legs and an equally looking neck.

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