Guanaco (Lama guanicoe) - young animal


The Guanaco is a camelid native to South America that stands between 107 and 122 cm at the shoulder and weighs about 90 kg. The colour varies very little, ranging from a light brown to dark cinnamon and shading to white underneath. Guanacos have grey faces and small straight ears. They are extremely striking with their large, alert brown eyes, streamlined form, and energetic pace. Young guanacos are called Chulengo.

The Guanaco is native to the arid, mountainous regions of South America. Guanacos are found in the altiplano of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and Argentina. Bolivian Indians have been known to raise guanacos to help them regain their population stability.

Guanacos live in herds comprising females, their young and a dominant male. Bachelor males form a separate herd. While female groups tend to remain small, often containing no more than ten adults, bachelor herds may have as many as 50 animals present. Mating season occurs between November and February. Eleven months later, a single calf, or Chulengo, is born. Calves are able to walk immediately after birth.

Source: - 06.05.2010


The huge eyes of this young animal are so dark, that they only may be differentiated from the eye lids and the eyelashes whith looking closely.

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