Detail of the Globular Cluster NGC 6397

Globular Cluster NGC 6397

NGC 6397 is a globular cluster in the Ara constellation. It is located about 7,200 light-years from Earth, making it one of the two nearest globular clusters to Earth (the other one being Messier Object 4).

The cluster contains around 400,000 stars. NGC 6397 is one of the at least 20 globulars of our Milky Way Galaxy which have undergone a core collapse, meaning that its core has contracted to a very dense stellar agglomeration.

Source: - 21.09.2010

Globular Cluster NGC 6397

Compared with our starry sky this picture looks nearly unreally.

Besides the imcomparably major closeness of stars the reason is, that for the Hubble observatory the earth atmosphere does not cloud the view.

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