Southern Lapwing

Southern Lapwing

The Southern Lapwing (Vanellus chilensis) is a wader in the family Charadriiformes. It is a common and widespread resident throughout South America, except in densely forested regions (e.g. most of the Amazon), the higher parts of the Andes and the arid coast of a large part of western South America.

This is a lapwing of lake and river banks or open grassland. It has benefited from the extension of the latter habitat through widespread cattle ranching. It was first recorded on Trinidad in 1961 and Tobago in 1974, and has rapidly increased on both islands. Tends to appear in any area where there are grass spreads, even in urban areas: in Rio de Janeiro, it can be seem even at soccer fields. When nesting in the vicinity of airports, poses a threat to the safety of aerial traffic. When not breeding, this bird disperses into wetlands and seasonally flooded tropical grassland.

The Southern Lapwing breeds on grassland and sometimes ploughed fields, and has an aerobatic flapping display flight. It lays 2-3 (rarely 4) olive brown eggs in a bare ground scrape. The nest and young are defended noisily and aggressively against all intruders (including humans), by means of threats, vocalizations and low flights.

Source: - 27.09.2011

Southern Lapwing

The relationship with our local Peewit is unmistakable, although this Southern Lapwing seems to be slimmer.

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