Large Emerald (Geometra papilionaria)

Large Emerald

The Large Emerald, (Geometra papilionaria), is a moth, the type specimen for the family Geometridae. It is found throughout the Palearctic region and the Near East.

This is a large and attractive species, as the specific name suggests very butterfly like, with a wingspan of 50-65 mm. Newly emerged adults are bright green with darker green and white fascia, though the green colouration fades after a few days. It flies at night from June to August and is attracted to light.

The larva is brown at first, turning green later, and feeds mainly on birch though it has also been recorded on alder, beech, hazel and rowan. The species overwinters as a larva.

Source: - 27.11.2011

Large Emerald

With this lighting conditions the green can not be seen clearly, but it is always still cognizable.

Directly after the eclosion the Geometer Moths „Large Emeralds“ is coloured shiny green.

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