Green Violetear collecting nectar

Green Violetear

The Green Violetear belongs to the order Apodiformes. While apidiforms do in fact have feet, they are quite small and their legs are short and relatively weak. Many birds in this order cannot walk, and thus rarely if ever land on the ground since quick escape from predators is virtually impossible. For this reason members of this order spend a majority of their time in the air. All hummingbirds belong to the family Trochilidae, a family exclusive to The Americas. The most diverse hummingbird populations reside in northwestern South America.

Like most hummingbirds, the Green Violetear is a solitary nester. The male’s only involvement in the breeding process is to attract and mate with the female. The female is then responsible for choosing a nest location, generally on a low, small horizontal branch in a protected area. The nest is small and built from various plant materials, cobwebs, and down woven together to form a sturdy cup structure. Two small white eggs are laid within the nest and the female incubates them on her own. Incubation time is 14-18 days. No information was found on the length of the nestling stage or age at fledgling.

Source: - 21.09.2011

Green Violetear

For being able to stand in the air, such a Green Violetear makes about 25 wing beats per second.

The smallest species reach up to 70 beats a second.

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