Barred Owl in Ontario, Canada

Barred Owl

The Barred Owl (Strix varia) is a large typical owl.

Breeding habitats are dense woods across Canada, the eastern United States, and south to Central America; in recent years it has spread to the western United States. Recent studies show suburban neighborhoods can be ideal habitat for Barred Owls. Using transmitters, scientists found that populations increased faster in the suburban settings than in old growth forest. The main danger to owls in suburban settings is from cars. The increased offspring offset the death rate due to impacts from cars and disease.

The Barred Owl's nest is often in a tree cavity; it may also take over an old nesting site used by a crow or squirrel. It is a permanent resident, but may wander after the nesting season. If a nest site has proved suitable in the past they will often reuse it as the birds are non-migratory. In the United States, eggs are laid from early-January in southern Florida to mid-April in northern Maine, and consist of 2 to 4 eggs per clutch. Eggs are brooded by the female with hatching taking place approximately 4 weeks later. Young Barred Owls fledge four to five weeks after hatching.

Source: - 06.10.2010

Barred Owl

The winterly meager environment gives the beauty of this bird a perfect backgrund.

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