Cloudes and glacier at the Weißhorn


The Weisshorn (German, lit. White Peak) is a mountain in the Pennine Alps, in Switzerland. With its 4,506 m summit, it is one of the major peaks in the Alps and overtops the nearby Matterhorn by some 30 metres. It was first climbed in 1861 from Randa by John Tyndall, accompanied by the guides J.J. Bennen and Ulrich Wenger.

In April and May 1991, two consecutive rockslides took place from a cliff above the town of Randa on the east side of the massif.

The Weisshorn is situated in the Swiss canton of Valais, about 25 km southwards from the Rhone, on a north-south orientated chain separating the Val d'Anniviers to the west and the Mattertal to the east. After the Dom, the Weisshorn is the second-highest Alpine summit situated completely out the main chain and on both sides the water end up in the Rhone. The Weisshorn is only one of the many peaks surrounding the region of Zermatt, along with the Dent Blanche, the Dent d'Hérens, the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa.

Source: - 28.02.2012


Light, transparent cloudes and compact snow masses of the glacier
- extreme contrasts and yet made with the same material.

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