Stockhorn (2190m), Bernese Upland


The Stockhorn is a mountain in the Bernese Alps, above the town of Erlenbach in Simmetal.

The Stockhorn is 2,190 m high and is accessible via cable car through a hike that takes about 3 hours 30 minutes from the Oberstockensee. It has a restaurant at the top and is a good starting point for many hikes. There is good fishing in the two lakes right below the Stockhorn, the Oberstockensee (around 1,650 m high) and the Hinterstockensee (around 1,550 m high). There is a subterranean water connection between the two lakes.

From the top the view includes many of the surrounding Alps; the Eiger, Monk, Jungfrau, Diableretes and Mont Blanch, along with the valley of the Aare river, Thun and Lake Thun, Interlaken and the Jura Region.

Source: - 01.03.2012


In spite of spring here fresh snow decorates the mountain area at the Stockhorn.

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