from the left: Lyskamm, Castor, Pollux, Breithorn; below: Gornergletscher


Lyskamm (4527 m) is a mountain in the Pennine Alps lying on the border between Switzerland and Italy. It consists of a five-kilometre-long ridge with two distinct peaks.

Because of its modest prominence (376 m), Lyskamm is sometimes considered to be part of the nearby Monte Rosa Massif (in fact the Dufourspitze is only 107 metres higher). But visually Lyskamm is a huge massif, composed of two summits: the Eastern Liskamm and the lower Western Liskamm, separated by a one-km-long ridge, both lying on the border between the Swiss canton of Valais (north) and the Italian region of the Aosta Valley (south).

The northern side of the mountain is an impressive 1100-metre ice-covered wall, rising up from the Gorner Glacier. The gentler southern side rises only a few hundred metres above the glacier below (Ghiacciaio del Lis).

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Lyskamm and Breithorn

What in this height looks cool and lifeless brings vital water to the glacial lakes and to the lower landscapes.

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