Hochkönig, Berchtesgaden Alps, Austria


Hochkönig is the name applied to the highest mountain in the Berchtesgaden Alps, Salzburgerland, Austria, (in the Northern Calcareous Alps), and also to the surrounding mountain group as a whole.

It lies to the west of the city of Bischofshofen in the Austrian state of Salzburg, 42 km due south of the city of Salzburg. Hochkönig is separated from the rest of the Berchtesgaden Alps, and more specifically from the Steinernes Meer (stone ocean) by the mountain pass Torscharte at 2246 m. The summit itself is at the southern edge of a large limestone plateau, which is largely covered by the glacier known as the "Übergossene Alm" (poured-over meadow).

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hochkönig - 22.11.2011


This detail of the massif Hochkönig does not yet show the cliffy character, the high mountain peaks have, especially on the south flank.

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