White frost changes the landscape

White Frost

White frost is a solid deposition of ice which forms directly from water vapour contained in air.

White Frost formed from hot springs in winter. White Frost forms when there is a relative humidity above 90% and a temperature below -8 °C. The developing heat is then transferred to air by convection. White Frost grows against the wind direction, since arriving windward air has a higher humidity than leeward air, but the wind must not be very strong in order not to damage the delicately built icy structures. These structures resemble a heavy coating of hoar frost with big and interlocking crystals, usually needle-shaped. This phenomenon occurs quite rarely: it is considered a kind of intermediate stage between hoar frost and rime and it is often confounded with these.

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_frost - 01.06.2010

White Frost

In nature we can adopt how to decorate without garbage and ecological damage.

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