Red Cracking Bolete (Boletus chrysenteron)

Red Cracking Bolete

Boletus chrysenteron is a small, edible, wild mushroom in the Boletaceae family. These mushrooms have tubes and pores instead of gills beneath their caps. It is commonly known as the Red Cracking Bolete.

Young specimens of Red Cracking Bolete often have a dark, dry surface, and tomentose caps which might easily be mistaken for Bay Boletes B. badius. Caps mature to convex and plane in old age. Cracks in the mature cap reveal a thin layer of red flesh below the skin. The stems have no ring, are bright yellow and the lower part is covered in coral-red fibrils and has a constant elliptical to fusiform diameter throughout its length of 4 to 8 cm tall. The cream-colored stem flesh turns blue when cut. Red Cracking Bolete has large, yellow, angular pores, and produces an olive brown spore print.

Red Cracking Bolete grows solitary or in small groups in hardwood/conifer woods from early fall to mid-winter. It is mycorrhizal with hardwood trees, often beech on well drained soils. It is frequent in parts of the northern temperate zones.

Source: - 25.06.2010

Red Cracking Bolete

You can imagine the low size of these young Red Cracking Boletes, when comparing it with the size of the grains of sand.

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