Sea and rocks - as far as the eye can see


A sea generally refers to a large body of salt water, but the term is used in other contexts as well. Most commonly, it means a large expanse of saline water connected with an ocean, and is commonly used as a synonym for ocean. It is also used sometimes to describe a large saline lake that lacks a natural outlet, such as the Caspian Sea. Every sea is connected to one of the five oceans or is landlocked.

Arctic (belonging to the Arctic Ocean) and Antarctic (Southern Ocean) seas, as well as some other seas freeze in winter. This occurs below the freezing point of pure water, at about -1.8 °C. Frozen salt water becomes sea ice.

Source: - 13.03.2012

Sea and Rocks

Water: always rough and flexible,

 rocks: stiff and strong

 - but yet they sensibly collude in Creation.

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