Russell Falls, Australia

Russell Falls

Russell Falls are located on the eastern boundary of Mount Field National Park, in Tasmania, Australia. Accessible by a paved walking track, the falls are a popular tourist attraction.

They were first named the Browning Falls after the original discoverer, c.1856, but were known as the Russell Falls after 1884, by which time they were already a popular tourist attraction. The Falls Reserve was established to protect them in 1885. In 1899 the Russell Falls were selected as one of eight images to be used on a set of pictorial postage stamps, aimed at promoting the then colony's growing tourist industry.

Russell Falls are located 100 metres downstream of Horseshoe Falls.

The horizontal rock strata over which the falls flow are Permian siltstone, and their more-resistant vertical faces consist of sandstone. The surrounding plant life includes swamp gum and sassafras.

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Russell Falls

These Falls are less impressive by the water volume than by the nice contrasts and lines.

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