The close-up shows perfectly the outstanding beauty of the Morelia spilota variegata.

Morelia spilota variegata

Morelia spilota variegata is a subspecies of python found in New Guinea and Australia, smaller than the nominate subspecies Morelia spilota spilota and has a more restricted geographic range.

Adults usually grow no more than 2m, but some have been recorded at 2.5m. There was however, one exception, one M.S. Variegata was recorded at 80cm at four years old.

The color pattern consists of a beige or brown ground color overlaid with blackish or gray blotches, cross-bands or stripes, or a combination of any of these. Regional color variations can include bright yellow, gold, rust and clear grays.

Found in New Guinea (Western New Guinea and Papua New Guinea) and Australia in northwestern Western Australia and in the northern portion of the Northern Territory. The type locality given is "North Australia: Port Essington" (Northern Territory, Australia).

Oviparous, females deposit their eggs in secluded places such as hollow logs and tree boles where they protect and incubate them. Captive specimens have produced up to 18 eggs that hatch after a 40 day incubation period. The hatchlings are about 12 inches (30 cm) in length.

Source: - 01.11.2008

Morelia spilota variegata

It is really astonishing, that a snake without hands and feet is able to move so easily in trees.

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