Jacky Dragon

Jacky Dragon

The Jacky Dragon, Amphibolurus muricatus, is a type of lizard native to Southeastern Australia. There are 70 species of dragons found in Australia. They are generally diurnal lizards that tend to run in an upright posture when pursued. Common morphological characteristics include rough, non-glossy scales; broad, thick, and fleshy tongues; and well-developed limbs, especially hind limbs which are generally longer and have five clawed digits. Most dragons are also characterized by a lack of tail autotomy and the presence of femoral and/or preanal pores.

Agamidae dragons are also oviparous and tend to deposit their eggs in burrows. Female Jacky Dragons lay up to eight eggs. Most adult females lay at least one clutch every summer.They tend to lay their clutches under sheets of bark or decaying vegetation over sandy deposits.The first young begin to appear at the end of December and are abundant by February. Jacky Dragons are usually about three inches in length immediately following hatching.

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amphibolurus_muricatus -


Jacky Dragon

A dress of scales is a genial solution, because it guarantees both: protection and mobility.

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