The mini European Tree Frog knows to make itself visibly at home on the twig.

European Tree Frog

The European Tree Frog is a small frog that can grow to a maximum length of 4.5 cm. Characteristic are the discs on the frog's toes which it uses to climb trees and hedges.

The European Tree Frogs actually don't live in forests, but rather prefer sunny forest edges, bushy heaths, wet dune pans, wet scrubland and extensively used meadows and parks with ponds rich in submerged vegetation without fish nearby. These habitats are increasingly influenced by human activity. Hyla arborea, the Common Tree Frog, is endangered in western Europe (nearly extinct in Belgium) while the more Common Mediterranean Tree Frog lives in wet gardens, treegarths, vineyards, campings, and near pine trees.

Historically, Tree Frogs were used as barometers because they respond to approaching rain by croaking. Depending on subspecies, temperature, humidity, and the frog's 'mood', skin colour ranges from bright to olive green, grey, brown and yellow. The head is rounded, the lip drops strongly, the pupil has the shape of a horizontal ellipse and the eardrum is clearly recognizable.

Source: - 21.05.2010

European Tree Frog

The comfortable environment is not the most important thing - relaxation and satisfaction gleam out of  itself.

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