Cucumber Green Spider (Araniella cucurbitina)

Cucumber Green Spider

The Cucumber Green Spider (Araniella cucurbitina) is a spider of the Araneidae family.

Females grow up to 8 mm, males only up to 5 mm. The Cucumber Green Spider is mainly found on forest clearings, where it weaves its orb-web between leaves and flowers. These webs are only about 10 cm in diameter.

The Cucumber Green Spider does not use a hideout, because it is camouflaged by its green color. Adult spiders first show this color in spring. Freshly hatched spiderlings are red and change to brown until fall. On the end of the abdomen there is a red mark in adults.

These spiders occur in the Palearctic, although it can be found in parts of North America, where it was probably introduced.

Source: - 11.05.2010

Cucumber Green Spider

Because of its friendly colour and the tiny format of four to six millimeters, even somebody who does not like spiders can take pleasure in the Cucumber Green Spider.

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