To whom is the Zebra Foal looking so invitingly?

Plains Zebra

The Plains Zebra (Equus quagga, formerly Equus burchelli), is the most common and geographically widespread form of zebra. It ranges from the south of Ethiopia right through east Africa as far south as Angola and eastern South Africa.

The stallion mates with all his mares. Mares may give birth to one foal every twelve months. Birthing peak during the rainy season. She nurses the foal for up to a year. Like horses, zebras are able to stand, walk, and suckle shortly after they are born. At the moment of birth a mother zebra keeps any other zebra away from her foal, including the stallion, the other mares, and even the previous offspring. Plains zebra foals are protected by their mother as well as the head stallion and the other mares in their group.

Young male zebras eventually leave their family groups. This is not because of sexual maturity or being kicked out by their fathers but because their relationship with their mothers have faded after the birth of a sibling. The young stallion then seeks out other young stallions for company.

Source: - 14.04.2010

Zebra Foal

May the stripes on the head - and especially on the head - be rather elegant - the childish shape and the longer coat gives the Zebra Foal the especial appeal of the young animals.



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