Lion (Panthera leo)


At first view it seems to be absurd to dedicate a web site to creation. Would it not be better to experience nature directly, instead of sitting at the computer looking at pictures and texts about creation?

Of course, a web site can never be a sufficient substitute for experiencing creation, but it can enhance it.

And thus inter alia wants

  • to call our attention to things, we are prone to overlook
  • to rekindle wonder at the beauty and the ingenious in creation
  • to call forth, in the middle of our being busy in a world reshaped by humans, a recollection and desire for the natural environment

We wish you joy and positive impulses while viewing the pictures and texts. If you want to share your joy with others, please, consider sending an individually designed e-card. consists of several hundred pages with extra large nature photos and continues to grow.




The Sun is the star at the center of the Solar System. The Sun has a diameter of about 1,392,000 kilometers and by itself accounts for about 99.86% of the Solar System's mass; the remainder consists of the planets (including Earth), asteroids, meteoroids, comets, and dust in orbit. About three-quarters of the Sun's mass consists of hydrogen, while most of the rest is helium. Less than 2% consists of other elements, including iron, oxygen, carbon, neon, and others.


The mean distance of the Sun from the Earth is approximately 149.6 million kilometers, though this varies as the Earth moves from perihelion in January to aphelion in July. At this average distance, light travels from the Sun to Earth in about 8 minutes and 19 seconds. The energy of this sunlight supports almost all life on Earth by photosynthesis,and drives Earth's climate and weather. An accurate scientific understanding of the Sun developed slowly, and as recently as the 19th century prominent scientists had little knowledge of the Sun's physical composition and source of energy. This understanding is still developing.


Source: - 25.03.2010

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