Young Greater Rhea: a gentle chick-face and long, strong legs.

Greater Rhea

The Greater Rhea (Rhea americana) is also known as the Grey, Common or American Rhea. The native range of this flightless bird is the eastern part of South America; it is not only the largest species of the genus Rhea but also the heaviest American bird alive. It is also notable for its reproductive habits, and for the fact that a group has established itself in Germany in recent years.

The Greater Rhea is endemic to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. This species inhabits grassland dominated e.g. by satintail and bahiagrass species, as well as savanna, scrub forest, chaparral, and even desert and palustrine lands, though it prefers areas with at least some tall vegetation. During the breeding season (spring and summer), it stays near water.

A small population of the Greater Rhea has become established in Germany. Three pairs escaped from a farm in Groß Grönau, Schleswig-Holstein, in August 2000. These birds survived the winter and succeeded in breeding in habitat similar to that of their South American one. In October 2008 the population was estimated by two German scientists at around 100 birds.

Source: - 05.10.2010

Young Greater Rhea

Who is so young and yet so long has to find its own relaxed manner to sit.

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